Not so long ago, moving to our very own homestead seemed like a dream that may forever be out of reach. Failure was and is always an option, but we didn’t want to rush headlong into a situation that had was absolutely doomed to fail.

We have made a lot of progress, but sometimes it seems like some things are taking way too long while others rush upon us and we’re surprised we made it through. We are very thankful to the homesteading community at large that has and continues to teach us so many things. Now we feel the time is right to “pay it forward” and begin sharing some of the things we have learned so that next new homesteader can step out on better footing.

We often feel like the longer we are here, the more questions we have, but we certainly have learned a lot along the way. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel at every step and turn and are grateful for advice and the experience of others. Similarly, we know there are a great many others out there without all the knowledge they need for that next great step. We’re here for each other so please feel free to offer up any advice, experience or questions you may have.

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