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Owning and operating a small homestead farm is something that we dreamed of for a very long time. When we actively began planning for this adventure we really were not sure if the dream was within our reach. We met many of our goals along the way, but there were numerous setbacks as well. It would have been relatively easy to admit defeat at several of these road blocks, but through prayer, faithfulness, togetherness and a lot of hard work we managed to push through until finally things began to line up in a much more achievable pathway forward.

It took (and continues to take) a considerable amount of research, planning, preparation and good old fashioned hard work to bring our finished products to the marketplace, but we hope you will agree that it has all been time well spent.


Whirl’d Works wool comes from our very own flock of fun, frolicking, and fluffy fine wool Debouillet Merino Sheep. We truly enjoy the whole process of raising and caring for these beautiful creatures. We are continually improving our pastures and processes to be able to provide the best quality wool products to our very valued customers.

2017 Debouillet Fine Wool

(More background information about our 2017 Wool Summary and Availability)

2018 Debouillet Fine Wool

(More background information about our 2018 Wool Summary and Availability)

Wade (16.7 microns /3.14 inch length): $3 per Ounce
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Wendy (18.5 microns and /3.54 inch length): $3 per ounce
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Winton (18.6 microns /2.95 inch length): $3 per ounce
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Wynonna (18.8 microns /2.75 inch length): $3 per ounce
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Wanda (18.9 microns /3.54 inch length): $3 per ounce
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Wood and Woolie Sheep – $14.99 plus $3 shipping

Handmade Wooden SheepThese cute little home decorations are 100% crafted by us. We cut out, stain and paint the wooden figure and shapes by hand then carefully apply a cuddly coating of our very own sheep’s fleece.


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