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Shearing Day 2023

We got it done in half a day and they will be nice and cool for the summer. Last year we didn’t get sheared until late August and so this years fleeces, being sheared at the beginning of June, only have 9 months of… Continue Reading “Shearing Day 2023”

Do you dew?

We are having a great dewberry season here and this morning it was cool, so not so much worry about snakes in the vines. Whenever I pick dew berries I can see the vines and berries every time I close my eyes for a… Continue Reading “Do you dew?”

Lammy nursery!

It all started on February 1st, my birthday. Our Ariel had twins and I was thrilled she did it on my birthday. Ariel is a twin but she was bred to a singleton. Next to lamb was Sparkle on Sunday afternoon she had a… Continue Reading “Lammy nursery!”

What You Don’t See

Here you can see the tumult in the sky above our farm after a good rain. You can see the side of the tractor shed that burned over the holidays. In the background you can see the forest and the barns. You can see… Continue Reading “What You Don’t See”

LIFE HAPPENS,…while we’re busy making other plans…

Wendish Festival Today!

Whirld Works Farm will be demonstrating spinning and selling yarn at the Wendish festival in Giddings TX today from 10am till 3pm.

We have fleeces and yarn!

I haven’t had a chance to update the online store but we have natural and dyed handspun Debouillet yarn and we have raw fleeces! If you have been waiting for these to be back in stock wait no longer! Send us a message and… Continue Reading “We have fleeces and yarn!”


We have been working hard to increase our creative space here at the Homestead and now have a bonifide full time studio for our products. (The unwashed fleeces are still outside) but anytime you visit or want to know what we have in stock,… Continue Reading “Stu..stu…studio..”


Shearing is finally done and we have 11 fleeces. They are longer than usual and I don’t have time to skirt them this year, because we are in the process of adding on to our house, doing all of the work ourselves. So super… Continue Reading “Fleeces!”

Sometimes You Can’t…

Circumstances beyond my control have left me with unsheared sheep in one of the hottest driest summers I’ve ever seen in my 25 years in Central Texas. I thought to myself ‘why can’t I do it myself? So I bought these shears… They had… Continue Reading “Sometimes You Can’t…”

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