Wendish Festival Today!

Whirld Works Farm will be demonstrating spinning and selling yarn at the Wendish festival in Giddings TX today from 10am till 3pm.

We have fleeces and yarn!

I haven’t had a chance to update the online store but we have natural and dyed handspun Debouillet yarn and we have raw fleeces! If you have been waiting for these to be back in stock wait no longer! Send us a message and we’ll send you the details:)


We have been working hard to increase our creative space here at the Homestead and now have a bonifide full time studio for our products. (The unwashed fleeces are still outside) but anytime you visit or want to know what we have in stock, all we have to do is look on the shelves!


Shearing is finally done and we have 11 fleeces. They are longer than usual and I don’t have time to skirt them this year, because we are in the process of adding on to our house, doing all of the work ourselves. So super soft most seem strong. All have somewhat felted tips and most of them have canary staining but if you’re going to dye them or you want a yellow tint it will still be lovely. The staple length is around 4 to 6 inches. Some of it will be shorter.

Sometimes You Can’t…

Circumstances beyond my control have left me with unsheared sheep in one of the hottest driest summers I’ve ever seen in my 25 years in Central Texas.

I thought to myself ‘why can’t I do it myself?

So I bought these shears…

They had great reviews and weren’t too expensive and they do cut… but…not merino.

I chose my dwarf, yes I have a pure bred dwarf Debouillet! I’m working on developing a repeatable dwarf Debouillet but it will take time. She has never been shorn before but she handled it well. Even when I nicked her. Poor thing. I did not have any trouble trimming her feet with my set up.

But I just could not get through the wool on her back with these sheers,…and my inexperienced sheering body gave out. And this as far as we got

Sometimes You just can’t.

There are other things we have recently discovered we can’t do our selves, replacing struts on the truck is one. Sometimes things get stuck so back you just can’t do it yourself. I am thankful in those times that we have others who can help,..when we just can’t.


In little news we have 3 little peepers that our broody mommas have hatched on thier own. We learned that if two mommas go broody at the same time, while they might sit next to each other on the eggs for weeks, once one is done sitting and starts raising her brood, she will kill any thatvthe other hatches. So we have had to separate the momma that’s done sitting on eggs, and her 2 chicks from this one. And now she has one of her own, that the other one won’t kill:) super cool that this one looks like her too. Not all of the eggs she us sitting on will have been laid by her. We have a good mix of chickens in thier coop so none of these are pure bred.

In BIG news at Whirld Works Farm we have our sheering rescheduled for the 22nd of June at 10:30 am. We need helpers so if you can come and help please let us know.

Whirld Works Farm shearing has been postponed.

Sick sheep

Our shearers have come down with a tummy ache and need to rest and regain thier strength.

We will let you know when we reschedule for. Once they are feeling better.

Lavender Orpington chicks

We have hatched our first batch of Lavender chicks for 2022. There are four left. We think we’ll keep them:) Our Next batch is planned for about 6 weeks. If you are interested in pre ordering let us know. These cuties are in high demand. Lavender Orpingtons are a beautiful gentle tempered, good size chicken. They are great layers and great meat birds too. Some get up to 8 lbs. They are very easy to handle a great with children. And we just love having new babies!!!

Lavender Orpington chicks at Whirld Works Farm 2022

Shearing Time is here again!

Katie Burger of Right Choice Shearing, shearing our Debouillet sheep

It is time to shear again! This time it is on a week day morning. Monday May 9th at 9am. If you’d like to help sort fleeces please arrive 15 min early and park in front of the Farren so our shearers can get to the barn. And please send us a message to let us know you will be coming.

Katie and Darian work very fast so I expect they will be done shearing by 11 or 12. Sorting fleeces could take a few hours to se real days depending on how dirty they are and how much help we have. We love our fleece sorting help!

If we know you are coming we will provide drinks and refreshments.

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