Warning: Homesteading could cause hearing loss

Until we moved onto our homestead I spent my life living in and around cities. We’ve now been on our land for three months and I can honestly say that one of the most incredible aspects is the silence. Well okay, not exactly silence, but the noises out here are more subdued and much more pleasant.

I haven’t heard a single siren in these three months, except when we go to the city of course. There’s no road noise caused by hundreds of cars speeding by outside. When there is a car on our road I can hear it from almost a mile away. That’s how quiet it is on our farm and this particular loss of hearing things is music to my ears.

We’ve had some family and friends out to the farm and they too are impressed with how quiet it is. I always tell them though that if they really want quiet they should stay overnight. The stars out here at night are something of wonder and one day I just know we’re going to have to get a good telescope. It really is magical to sit on our back patio in the dark silence. Sure there is the occasional pack of coyotes howling in the distance or an owl hunting for it’s midnight snack, but those sounds don’t grate at your ears like an emergency vehicle screaming by.

One Comment on “Warning: Homesteading could cause hearing loss

  1. Peace and quiet. One of the best things about this life. And isn’t it weird that after decades of noise the quiet can sometimes be unnerving?

    A couple of years after we moved here, the family went back to the city where we’d lived before to visit friends. My daughter brought along a friend she’d made here–a girl who had lived in the country all her life. The poor thing couldn’t sleep at night. She was so unaccustomed to city noises–sirens in the distance, an occasional honking horn, traffic, etc. that she couldn’t get to sleep! And we were in what would be considered a “quiet” part of town.

    But as you say, rural noises are different. In the winter when we go for a walk at night there is absolute silence, unless there is snow crunching under our feet. But in the summer nature is so boisterous sometimes we have to speak up to be heard over the crickets and frogs.

    Glad you’re enjoying some serenity there.

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