Spring business on the farm

It has been an incredibly busy spring on the farm. We have had 5 of our ewes lamb. Giving us THREE sets of twins and a total of 8 little lambs and of those 8 only two were ram lambs. They have all done great accept that one of our older ewes, that’s never had twins before, rejected one of her twins. Thankfully there was a lovely woman that came driving from 3 hours away to rescue and bottle feed our little guy just before the winter storm hit. I was very thankful not to have a bottle baby to feed.

Our next spring venture was finishing the garden beds in our food garden. We had fenced in a 30′ x 50′ area several years ago and never finished all of the garden beds. So we worked daily with the help of everyone in the family and even a nephew, to get it done. We then planned out where to plant everything using companion planting reccomendations, recorded where everything was planted and began watering every day. It looks like most everything has come up. We are hopeful that insects and gophers won’t devour it lol.

Panoramic of the garden 4-2021

Another exciting thing that happened this spring was that we had a Veterinary Student come help us out for a week. It really was such a blessing to have the help and really fun to share our farm with someone who loves animals as much as we do. She also helped us figure out a solution for one of our over enthusiastic dogs. She suggested a training collar. It has a vibrate and beep setting and although it has a electric shock option we didn’t install that feature. It has been working very well to keep our Aussie from nipping and biting our sheep. I highly recommend!

And finally we acquired some rex rabbits and bred them. Now we have these tiny little bunny wabbits that we just adore!

2 wk old bunnies from Betty bunny 4-2021

Now we are getting ready for the Texas Yarn Festival at Blue Mule Winery in Fayetteville TX on April 24th. We won’t have new fleeces yet but we’ll have some roving and some handspun yarn, crocheted items and other goodies. We hope to see you there!

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    • We are in Central Texas, in Milam County. We won’t have any lambs for sale until next August. They will be born in February and March and you can put a deposit on the ones you want at that time. Prices will be around $250 each depending on market conditions at that time,, they could be a bit more or a bit less.

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