Farm Chores in the cold

I just finished up doing the farm chores in this uncharacteristicly cold central Texas weather and I did manage to keep *most* of my body from freezing. I found it interesting, however…the animals aren’t cold …at…all.

God gave them everything they need, to stay warm, growing right on their backs; feathers, fur and wool. And I am thankful that they share it with me. I guess since humans are given higher intelligence, we have to use it, to find ways to stay warm, to forage, or work for our needs, otherwise we’d use our ‘higher intelligence’ to make war and otherwise get into trouble (oh wait we do that anyway don’t we?). But He still gives US everything we need too, we just have to use what we’ve been given, to aquire it.. I mean animals have it good in some ways, we might even say, they have better.

But God said that He made US in his image and from what I understand, that means we get to experience things that animals do not; like intimacy, engineering, planning, and opportunities to grow,… our character and our souls..

Stay warm! And thank an animal if you are using something they grew, on thier backs, to keep you warm. And take every chance you get to grow… your… soul. ❄

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