New Whirld Works Farm Icon

In the greater scheme of things needing to be done around the farm, digital marketing usually takes a back seat. We’ve been using essentially the same icon that we developed for our site over four years ago. I really like how the colors grab your attention online, but in recent months we have been having some difficulty with it in large printings as well as in trying to make stamps and a brand for woodwork crafts. The horizon aspect of the inside of the wheel was designed to give the feel of the sunrise over our farm, but having all that color inside just turns black when submitting art work for stamps or brands. What we end up with is a solid circle.

Since we had a little down time this summer, okay, we were simply hiding from the summer sun, we developed a new logo that incorporates the same style, but reduces the color and fill problem  of the original icon. I am posting both of them next to each other below and would like our reader’s opinions on the change. Do you like the new design or do you like the original better? Chances are we are going forward with the new icon, I just thought it would be interesting to read our follower’s opinions.

Original Logo






New Logo



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