Our 2019 Gardens

We had big BIG plans and hopes for our gardening endeavors in 2018. We constructed a 30 foot by 50 foot perimeter fence and I set to work clearing and preparing large beds. Everything was going splendidly until the Bermuda grass decided it was time to reclaim its territory. The rest of the year was spent, mostly in futile efforts, to keep the grass at bay.

We experienced a relative degree of success, but the time we had to make it a complete success simply never seemed available. With our focus on growing our sheep flock and fine-tuning our fiber production, the gardening has taken a bit of a back seat for 2019.

Gardening is still a favorite activity here on the farm so we absolutely have not given up, just scaled back and making efforts to get the garden in a much better position for greater gardening in 2020.

We reclaimed the berry patch last weekend and the blueberry bushes we planted last year are already setting fruit and we eagerly await these plump, tasty berries which will be ready for eating in a few short months. The blackberry vines are looking great, but unlike last year, we hope to get some berries this year.

Berry Plot
Baby Blueberries
Tomatoes and Asparagus

Our asparagus plants have already begun to shoot up their sprouts and we’re definitely excited to harvest and eat these tasty treats again this year. The tomato transplants are doing well considering they were recently pummeled by golf ball sized hail a couple of weeks ago.

Our peach tree also seems to have survived the hail storm relatively well. There are a number of baby peaches forming and we very much hope to be able to bite into our own fresh peaches this year!

There’s more that has gone and will soon be going into the garden this year, but the weather hasn’t been cooperating with out busy schedules so far in 2019. We do hope you too have begun your gardening adventure this year. We look forward to sharing our experiences with you as well as reading about yours!

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