Meet the Sheep

The past few weeks on the farm have been incredibly busy! It is no easy task to fence in roughly 3.2 acres, but with the help of our oldest son we were able to finish it a week or two earlier than we expected. As you can imagine, setting aside time to write has been a challenge in the midst of such a big project. Even on the days when we weren’t working late, the mind and body need time for rest.

I do have several articles in the works, but this week most of my time will be spent cleaning up after our big success as well as finding and putting away all my tools. With this in mind, I thought we’d take a little break this week and simply share with you a glimpse of our little flock.

Sheep are very much creatures of habit and they really don’t like surprises or new things very much, but the morning this video was made was their introduction to their new field. The chute and gate configuration has changed a little and they weren’t sure they were actually supposed to go through this strange new gate. The easiest way to get them there was to lure them with their favorite tasty treat. (Cameo appearance by our guardian dog Daisy).

The next quick video was taken a while ago, but it’s fun to watch and listen to the mommas and their babies. Most often once the sheep are in their pasture they won’t pay much attention to you because they are busy doing other things. But the second one of them spots you and has even the slightest hint you might be bringing treats they will follow you anywhere.

That’s all we have for you this week, but I hope you enjoyed this little look into our daily life here on Whirl’d Works Farm!

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