Top ten gifts for the homestead wife

“The Prairie is my Garden” by Harvey Dunn

When it comes to equal rights, neither man nor woman gets a day off on the homestead. A wife on the homestead is to be valued beyond measure as, I can attest, all things would come to a screeching halt without my wonderful wife keeping everything moving forward in the right direction. If ever there was a person on this earth deserving of giving gifts to, it is the homestead wife!

There are far more wonderful gifts a man can give to his wife, but I asked mine to provide me with what she thought would be good gifts for the woman on the homestead. Here below are those ten items (but feel free to buy your wife much more than these things):

Muck Boots

Muck Boots
Muck Boots $69.99

When it comes to the homestead, shoes are for use inside the house or on paved surfaces only! Everywhere else requires muck boots. There is no end to the muck, grime, mud and other nasty things around a homestead and the last place those things should be found is in the house. A good pair of muck boots are easy to slip on and off and can take the abuse of hours spent working hard outdoors.

Sun Hat

Sun Hat
Sun Hat $11.99

I’m not familiar with where you live, but where we are, the Texas sun can be a formidable foe. There aren’t many times you can go outside and NOT realize you aren’t wearing your hat. This piece of gear is an absolute essential item where we live and I’m pretty sure it is where you live as well. A good hat not only keeps the heat somewhat tamed, but it can also help keep her beautiful hair out of her face when she’s taking care of those outdoor chores.

Kneeling Pad

Kneeling Pad
Kneeling Pad $6.99

Working outdoors can take its toll on a persons knees, but a simple cushion pad is an easy fix. Chores are hard enough without adding pain and discomfort. What may seem like such a little thing as a kneeling pad can enhance the enjoyment of working outside.

Garden Gloves

Garden Gloves
Garden Gloves $19.99

Digging in the flower or vegetable garden is one of the greatest joys of homestead life. Protecting one’s hands is something every homesteader should believe in. Working with our hands is a daily activity so making sure that those fingers are ready for tomorrow is part of today’s responsibilities.

Garden Cart

Garden Cart
Garden Cart $69.99

Moving things around the homestead is a rather routine activity and because of this, moving things around also consumes valuable time that could be spent on other things. Having a garden cart can really help save time by allowing you to move multiple items in one trip. It also makes it much easier to move those heavier items that can cause aches and pains unsuitable for daily life on the homestead.

Food Processor

Food Processor
Food Processor $49.99

In case you haven’t noticed, anything that can save time is a  treasured item on the homestead. Preparing meals is another of those daily chores that can really consume one’s time. Yes, sometimes it can be very enjoyable, even therapeutic, to slice, dice and chop by hand, but other times you just want to get the job done. A food processor is indeed a valuable time-saver.

Canning Set

Canning Set
Canning Set $10.71

Preserving the harvest and being able to enjoy it throughout the winter months is a mainstay of homestead life. Sure, it’s possible to use typical kitchen utensils when canning, but why not give your wife the comfort and security of using specially designed tools for a somewhat dangerous task. You know you have a screwdriver for every conceivable job, give your wife the tools she needs too.


Tecnu $12.22

If you are prone to being afflicted by poison ivy or poison oak and have never heard of Tecnu, stop what you are doing right now and order some of this miracle nectar of healing proportions! There are so so many poision ivy remedies out there, both herbal and medicinal, but none have been as effective on the dreaded rash as Tecnu has been for us. Nothing stops progress like a case of poison ivy, and so far we have found nothing else that puts a stop to it faster than Tecnu!


Dehydrator $75.99

Using a dehydrator is another wonderful method of preserving your hard won garden produce. There are some things that simply don’t can well, or at all, but preserve wonderfully with a dehydrator. These dried foods also make for great snacks when you’re outside working (and they store in your pockets better than a can of peaches!).


Handkerchiefs $9.99

You may wonder why the simple handkerchief made it onto a list like this, but I can tell you that this seemingly simple piece of cloth may just be one of the most indispensable items on the homestead. They aren’t just for blowing one’s nose, although that is helpful. The handkerchief can substituted for a hat, it can filter dust, dry the tears of a crying child, wipe off a sweating brow, and can even be handy in emergency first-aid.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through what we believe to be important and helpful gifts for the homestead wife. I’d love to hear your feedback as well as learn if there is something different that you would put on your wish list.

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