Top Ten gifts for the homestead husband

Working on the homestead is most often less of a chore and more of a blessing. To know that every ounce of work you put into YOUR place is yours to keep. Add to that the chance to be outdoors enjoying your little piece of heaven and there is little better enjoyment in life.

When it comes to giving a gift to the man of the homestead, it may seem difficult to know just what he wants or needs. I can tell you from experience that there is plenty of need for new or replacement tools and you shouldn’t worry much about getting him something he already has. When it comes to tools and equipment, nothing lasts forever on the homestead and a backup always, and I mean always, comes in handy.

I could list far more than 10 items on a man’s homestead wish list, but if I truly had to narrow it down to 10 things, these would (and are) on that list.

Cordless Tools

BLACK+DECKER Matrix 6 Tool Combo
BLACK+DECKER Matrix 6 Combo $217

Working on a homestead often involves maintenance in locations too far from your home or other sources of electricity. In many cases I actually prefer powerless hand tools, but there are times when cordless power tools can be very helpful. Repetitve jobs and time constraints make the cordless power tool a handy item to have in your toolbox. I don’t own this particular set, but I do own the corded version of the Black+Decker Matrix and really enjoy the versatility of a variety of attachments.


Husqvarna 450 18-Inch 50.2cc
Husqvarna 450 18″ 50.2cc

Unless your homestead is a sod hut on the vast prairie, a chainsaw is a must have piece of equipment. Brand loyalty is a major factor in choosing your next chainsaw purchase, but beware that when it comes to chainsaws, you really do get what you pay for. I bought a relatively inexpensive brand when we first purchased our land and that chainsaw now sits gathering dust in “forever storage.”

Tool Belt

CLC IP489X 3 Pocket Suede Tool Bag
3 Pocket Suede Tool Bag

There is no counting how many times I’ve run across something that needs fixed or mended while working on something else, only to discover that the tool I really need is back at the house. Carrying a heavy toolbox around the homestead is not a reality I experience, but a well stocked tool belt can reduce time spent going back and forth to the house for a screwdriver or hammer.

Muck Boots

Muck Chore Classic Men’s Work Boots

It doesn’t take long to realize that muck boots are an absolute essential piece of homestead gear. The very first time your regualar boots get stuck in the mud or you, um, track that mud into the house, and you’ll recognize the need. Muck boots typically slip on and off with ease anyway, so they are extremely convenient when you have to run outside for a second, or if you have a day’s work ahead of you.

Overalls or Coveralls

Dickies Men's Basic Coverall
Dickies Men’s Basic Coverall

Homesteading is a dirty business. I can’t think of a single chore that doesn’t somehow mar my clothes with a spot of mud here or a stain of something there. Not to mention working in the woods surrounded by poision ivy. The difference between overalls and coveralls is pretty much a personal preference, but if I am going out to do something that I know for sure is going to be a dirty job, I prefer coveralls.


Oklahoma Joe's Bandera Smoker $379.99
Oklahoma Joe’s Bandera Smoker

Okay, here is a choice that can cause hours of discussion, especially here in Texas. Every Texas homesteader knows something about barbecue and a piece of land without some sort of grill or smoker is wasted space.

Fixed Blade Knife

Morakniv Craftline
Morakniv Craftline

A homesteader without a good strong knife is like a zebra without stripes. Pocket knives are a good tool to carry, but I have found them to be too small or awkward for some of the jobs I need a knife for. There are any number of quality fixed blade knives out there today, but I really love my Morakniv Craftline. It’s bigger than my pocket knives, but smaller than a machete and is a very strong and versatile tool.


Cobiz Headlamp
Cobiz Headlamp

The stars may be bright deep in the heart of Texas, but they typically are not bright enough to work by. They are certainly not bright enough to find a stray animal or to tell if that noise in the bushes is an armadillo or a skunk. Flashlights are handy, but I have found that when I am outside after the sun goes down, I usually need both hands free. Modern headlamps are bright and last much longer than any nighttime job I have needed them for.


Mens Sun Hat
Men’s Sun Hat

I have no idea where you live, but on our homestead we never go outside in the summer without a good hat on our head. The sun can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time and your scalp is one of the last places you want to experience a sever sunburn. Sure the cowboy hat is king in Texas, but I have found my cowboy hats to be in the way or get knocked off easily when I’m working in the woods. I have found that I very much prefer a vented bucket hat when I’m out on our homestead.


Ranchworx Gloves
Ranchworx Gloves

Gloves are everywhere and every homesteader has a pile of them somewhere. But chances are that one of this pair is missing, one of that pair has a dozen holes, and that pair, well, what is that smell? Leather gloves are great during the winter, but during the summer when it’s 100 degrees outside, I don’t know about you, but I need a glove that can breathe AND handle whatever I throw at it. Having more pairs of gloves than you think a person needs is never a bad idea.

So here’s my list. Would you have a different list? I’d love to know what is on your Top 10 gift list for men on the homestead!

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