All Cooped Up

What better way to spend a rainy weekend than to get back to some projects that have been on the back burner for a while. One such project has been our mobile chicken tractor. I started this with one of our sons last summer but only got so far as putting together the frame. Since then it has been in the way just waiting to be finished. We’ve had several people offer us chickens, but we haven’t had anywhere to put them due to the fact that this project remained incomplete.

When it comes to chicken tractors there are many ideas, designs and thoughts on the proper construction. I came across a design on YouTube published by The Growing Club. I really liked the design, but because they haven’t provided any plans I’ve been working from a sketch I made while watching the video. There have been a few areas I’ve had to guess at, but it’s coming together pretty well and I can’t wait to see how it works out.

The entire project so far has been built from extra materials left behind after our house was built. The only things I’ve had to buy so far are the nails, screws, hinges and the 1/4 metal netting. The wheels that will be attached soon are ones that I bought several months ago for an application that didn’t work out well.

Aside from this project we knew the rain was coming so we moved the goat shed into the barn. The bran itself isn’t quite secure enough at night to protect against certain predators so it was important to get the goats a place they could sleep safe and warm. Our donkey couldn’t decide whether or not to stand in the rain or seek shelter in the barn, but eventually she realized how much nicer it was in the dry barn. Unfortunately I hadn’t considered all these animals in what has been more of a workshop than a barn. Ruth is apparently very inquisitive and she managed to knock everything off the shelves within her reach. That took some time to clean up, but thankfully there wasn’t anything dangerous for her to get into.

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